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AVP- Lead Role

Role & Responsibilities:

Business Development: Discover and pursue new business opportunities actively. Nurture strong relationships with potential clients and partners.

Loan Origination: Lead the loan origination process comprehensively. Analyze financial statements for creditworthiness assessment. Ensure accurate documentation throughout loan origination.

Project Financing: Specialize in securing project financing for diverse real estate ventures (excluding Home loans). Collaborate with stakeholders to structure viable financing solutions.

Client Coordination: Effectively communicate with clients to understand financial needs. Coordinate with clients throughout loan origination and project financing.

Deal Closure: Facilitate seamless deal closures by coordinating all relevant parties. Ensure accurate and efficient completion of necessary documentation.


Educational qualifications- MBA  – marketing/Finance

Please share

Experience in Secured Loans:

Provide details on total years of experience in secured loans.

Experience in the tourism industry and involvement in infrastructure projects.

Please provide details about your specific role within the department?

What specific tasks do you undertake in evaluating the creditworthiness of loan applicants?

Real Estate Projects:

How many real estate projects have you been involved in regarding long-term term loan credit appraisal?

Please elaborate on your role in analyzing the cost of projects, completion stages, and compliance with regulatory standards like RERA?

Could you share any notable achievements or successful projects you’ve been a part of in your current role?

Application Submission:

Interested candidates are requested to submit the following information:

Updated Resume

Current Total Compensation (CTC)

Expected Compensation (ECTC)

Date of Birth

Marital Status

Highest Degree Attained

Present Location

Total Experience after Highest Degree

Notice Period

Mail ID : vandana.bali@aetherinfotech.com or  click the apply 

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